General Terms and Conditions

Salamandra Multi-aventura is the brand with which Promociones Gaona&Gordillo markets its services.  Its CIF number is B-92421726, inscribed in the Registry of Businesses of Tourist Services of the Council of Tourism and Sport.  Its Active Tourism business number is Nº AT/MA/00091.

General Conditions of the Service

The taking-place of the activity won't change due to weather; only in cases when the guides consider the participants' personal safety may be in danger can the participants opt for an alternative route.  It will not mean the participants get their money back.

In cases when, on the day of the activity, the guides decide to postpone it, due to weather conditions or any other problems the organization cannot control, a new date will be established, suggested by the company, giving participants the option of changing the activity for another or getting back 80% of their money.

The participants will accept the publication of the photographs taken during the different activities on our webpage:, and on any other publicity platform that Salamandra Multi-aventura considers opportune.

Only in cases when we receive a written manifestation from the participant to not publish photographs anywhere will Salamandra Multi-aventura not make use of the photographs taken during the different activities.

Obligations of the Participant

- The participants that take on any of the services that Salamandra Multi-aventura offers are conscious that they are going to carry out an active tourism activity or adventure sport, assuming the risks that activity may present and the possibility of suffering a fortuitous accident in a natural environment.

- The participants must follow the instructions given by the guides accompanying the group, as they are responsible for the direction of the group.

- If a participant, or various participants, decide voluntarily to not pay attention to the guides' indications, neither the guides nor Salamandra Multi-aventura will be held responsible for what happens to them.

- The participants are obliged to let Salamandra Multi-aventura know if they suffer from any sort of illness or disability which may alter the way the activity normally functions.

 - The guides will have the legal authority to deny participation to any participants who do not have the adequate equipment or who lack the physical ability for the effort they must put in.  They will not get their money back.

- The participation of people who are underage will always be conditioned by their height, which cannot be under 1.5m.

- The participants who are underage must always be accompanied by an adult (mother, father, or tutor) who must sign a document giving authorization for the underage person to participate in the activity.

- The participant is responsible for the equipment given to carry out the activity and must give it all back when it's over.  If anything gets lost during the activity, the participant must pay its value.

- Salamandra Multi-aventura will not be held responsible for any harm or damage done to any participant due to wrong use, slackness or omission of any of the environments, installations or spaces used in the carrying-out of the activities.

Booking and Payment

The participants will carry out their bookings over the telephone or via our webpage:, which will ask them certain necessary information to be able to identify the participants and include them in different insurance policies to which we have subscribed.

The bookings have a validity of 72 hours.  If within this period the participant hasn't paid 20% of the cost the booking will be cancelled and the places will be free again.

All the activities must be paid for beforehand.

The bookings may be paid for via a bank transfer or at our office.


If the participant wishes to cancel his participation in the activity, the refunds work as follows:

- A refund of 100% if you cancel 10 or more days before the activity.

- A refund of 50% between the 9th and 4th day prior to the activity.

- A refund of 0% from the 4th day prior to the activity.

If the participant does not show up on the day of the activity he will not be able to get his money back.  If, on the day of the activity, the meteorological conditions would be putting the participants' personal safety in danger, the route will be postponed to another date suggested by the company, giving the participants the option of swapping the aforementioned activity for another or being refunded 80% of the cost of the activity.

Participating in any of Salamandra Multi-aventuras' activities means the participant totally accepts the general conditions, which have the validity of a contract.

If the participant inscribes various other participants, or a group, he will be obliged to communicate the general conditions established here to the rest of the participants inscribed by him.

Salamandra Multi-aventura will not be held responsible for providing food and drink for the participants unless otherwise indicated.

Salamandra Multi-aventura promises to go ahead with all of the activities programmes on the webpage on the indicated dates, regardless of the number of participants.  These will only be modified if there has been a misprint.

Salamandra Multi-aventura promises to lend its services within the legal framework of the valid regulations of Tourism and Active Tourism.

Protection of Information

Following the Organic Law 15/1999, of the Protection of Information of a Personal Nature, we inform you that any personal information you give us will be included in an automated database of information of a personal nature, created and maintained under Salamandra Multi-aventuras' responsibility.

The point in this database is to make booking procedures easier and, if you have ticked the corresponding box, also to send you commercial information about products and services which may be of your interest.

Salamandra Multi-aventuras' customers will, at any moment, be able to use their rights of access, modification, cancellation and opposition, by sending us an email to or writing to us at Salamandra Multi-aventura, Avda. de la Constitución nº47, 29754, Cómpeta (Málaga).

The Business

Salamandra Multi-aventura is a commercial name for the business: Promociones Gaona&Gordillo SL

Society Information

Promociones Gaona&Gordillo SL. of Spanish nationality, with the following address: Avda. de la Constitución nº47, 29754, Cómpeta (Málaga)

Number in the Registry of Tourism Businesses: AT/MA/00091

Salamandra Multi-aventura reserves the right to modify any contractual offer, constituted by the present general conditions, and the list of products and prices, at any moment, if the aforementioned modifications are not applied to the contracts that have already been carried out.

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